Tales from the Crypt: Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas

Tales From the Crypt: Have yourself a Scary Little ChristmasWhen it comes to Christmas albums there’s a lot of bad to be had.   Each year we have to endure artists towards the end of their commercially viable careers assault our ears with Christmas music that they’ve tried putting their own spin on.  The worst offenders however are the novelty records such as the Chipmunks for that album with barking dogs howling Christmas carols (yes this exists). 

In the early to Mid 90’s HBO’s Tales from the Crypt was pretty popular and there was a ton of marketing material featuring the show’s host, The Crypt Keeper.  Voiced by actor John Kassir, the Crypt Keeper introduced stories on the TV series using a litany of bad puns and gruesome props.  In small doses wrapping each episode the Shtick was fun and harmless.  Then someone had a bright idea of letting the Crypt Keeper do a Rap song.  http://youtu.be/4Ory_dwqtHc Yeah it was the early nineties and for some reason this was considered a hip thing to do.  The Simpsons even did a rap song on their album back in the day. 

So instead of following that up with a Halloween album, the powers that be decided they should tackle a Christmas novelty album instead.   "Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas" features songs like  "Deck the halls with Parts of Charlie", "We wish you’d bury the missus", "Twas the Fright Before Christmas", and of course there is  a “Christmas Rap”.    When I was a kid and this album came out I thought it was kind of cool and funny but listening to it today I think it should be considered a crime against humanity.  The bad puns get irritating about 4 minutes in and after that it becomes pretty tortuous.  But it is a Christmas Horror album and if you brave enough to listen to it,  you can download the whole album from this file sharing site: http://sharebee.com/b62b2305